Fairfax Virginia Grandparents Rights Custody Visitation

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Grandparents & Child Custody, Grandparents & Visitation Rights in Fairfax, Virginia

Family Law Attorneys Helping Grandparents Exercise Their Rights

Frequently, the Fairfax, Virginia grandparents’ rights attorneys of the SRIS Law Group are contacted by grandparents who are either seeking custody of their grandchildren, grandparents seeking visitation with their grandchildren or grandparents who want to know what rights they have as grandparents in regards to their grandchildren in Northern Virginia.

The honest answer is that it is a fact specific question. What we mean by this is that the law does allow for grandparents to obtain custody of their grandchild or grandchildren. The law also allows grandparents to have visitation with their grandchildren.

The SRIS Law Group has attorneys in Fairfax, Virginia that assist grandparents with custody & visitation rights issues in Virginia.

Grandparents in Northern Virginia can contact us on line or call us at 888-437-7747

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