Virginia Telephone Harassment Laws

Harassment means to repeatedly annoy or attack a person or group in such a way as to cause anxiety or fear for safety. Several different types of harassment are against Virginia law.

Prank telephone calls are a form of harassment. The law expresses: Any individual who utilizes disgusting, foul, profane, or obscene dialect or undermines any unlawful or improper act with plan to constrain, threaten, or disturb any individual on a phone or through an instant message is liable of a Class 1 wrongdoing. (Code of Virginia § 18.2-427).

In the event that a man calls, pages or messages someone else with the purpose to bother that individual, both the individual deciding and whatever other individual who permits utilization of his/her phone are blameworthy of a Class 3misdemeanor. (Code of Virginia § 18.2-429) If the call is made to a crisis reaction phone, for example, police, fire, or crisis restorative administration, with goal to disturb, annoy, upset, or defer crisis faculty in execution of their obligations, the individual deciding and the individual whose phone is utilized are liable of a Class 1 offense. (Code of Virginia § 18.2-429)

When Does a Phone Call Rise to the Level of Harassment?

Few out of every odd call is bothering under the importance of the law. There is a distinction between an irritating call and a hassling one. Phone badgering happens when somebody means to pester, bother, or debilitate you by:

  • making a telephone continually ring
  • making lewd, indecent, or obscene comments, suggestions, or requests over the telephone
  • making a telephone call without identifying oneself
  • making repeated telephone calls where the conversation consists only of harassment, or
  • Making a telephone call and using heavy breathing or silence with an intent to intimidate.

Any individual who, with or without aim to discuss however with aim to pester some other individual, causes any phone or computerized pager, not his own, to ring or to generally flag, and any individual who allows or excuses the utilization of any phone under his control for such intention, is blameworthy of a Class 3 wrongdoing. A second or resulting conviction under this subsection is culpable as a Class 2 crime if such earlier conviction happened before the date of the offense charged.

Any individual who, with or without expectation to chat, however with plan to irritate, pester, frustrate or postpone crisis staff in the execution of their obligations all things considered, makes a phone ring, which is claimed or rented to receive crisis calls by an open or private element giving flame, police or crisis restorative administrations, and any individual who intentionally allows the utilization of a phone under his control for such reason for existing, is blameworthy of a Class 1 wrongdoing.

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